Given the way of the Khmer Rouge Regime was organized,  a decision of murder the prisoners probably stemmed from ‘Brother Number 01 ’( Pol Pot), or at least met with his approval, even no written proof of his approval.  


                   This letter was written by Duc and sent to Sun Sen (See large picture)                      

These display how the Upper Brothers, Son Sen and Duch were responsible for ten of thousands prisoners murdered mercilessly at S-21 and Cheung Ek. 


Here is a translation text from the letter above:

Dear Brother Sun Sen,

I would like to report about the enemy forces to you.

1- This soldier is located in 22nd Region and both of them are in revolution and old Kok Ming armed forces at Pear Reang District.
2- Mr. Toum is the commander of this armed force.
3- Comrade Ang She Pheng said firmly that he is a revolutionist.The Khmer Rough leader who are alive, nowadays


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